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with the support of Polonia.


Polish producers / exporters leading seeking, in every country in the world:
- Dealer
- Agents
- Sales representatives
- Customer
Sign only one contract and become their representative.


- Main export office of Polish furniture manufacturers
- Furniuture offer of more than 50 leaders of Polish manufacturers.
- Great offer for chain stores, supermarkets, importers / wholesale distributors, agents and brokers.
- International Marketing
- International logistics
- Quality control
- Price guarantee
- Estimate calculator costs for the furniuture prices of export / import (just for information).

Do you know that Poland is:
- the largest furniture supplier in Europe;
- the 2nd largest exporter of furniture in the world, in terms of the quantity of selling;
- the 4th largest exporter of furniture in terms of the value.

Polish furniture is the best alternative instead of Asian furniture because we offer:

- Very good quality at very low prices
- Modern, European design
- Short delivery times
- Furniture in kit, ready to be transported over long distances and for self-assembly.

We offer the best Polish furniture for export.
All over the world, we organize a network of regional distributors and importers of Polish furniture.
We would like to invite You to cooperate with us.
We offer wide range of furniture.
We organize loading and combine orders from few manufacturers.
We execute the orders according to customer designs.
The Cluster monitors and guarantees the quality of furniture.

We supply the largest retail chains, supermarkets, shops, importers / wholesale distributors. Welcome to cooperate with agents, brokers and distributors.

Log in and explore the assortment and prices of our furniutre.
We sign a contract and we guarantee fixed commission payments from customers / orders.


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